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Users and Section 230

Section 230 Empowers Platforms To Share Your News and Views, While Responsibly Moderating According to Community Guidelines.

Today, we can share posts, photos, and updates with more than just our neighborhood. User-generated content has thrived online and we are in the driver’s seat picking what we want to post, share, and watch.

Since 1996, Section 230 has empowered online platforms to house user-generated content by clarifying when websites can be held liable for third-party content. The law has promoted robust content moderation guidelines that balance both free expression and online safety. Section 230 empowers platforms and app developers to moderate, filter, restrict, and/or remove user-created content without the fear of crushing legal liability.

Recently, U.S. policymakers have considered changes to the law that would have on what content we see online. Learn more about how these policy proposals could harm your ability to share, laugh, and live online here.