The PLAN Act Proposes to Amend Section 230 to “Protect”…Landlords and Hotel Chains?

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This is my third time in 2019 blogging proposed Section 230 amendments. The other two bills, from Sen. Hawley and Rep. Gosar, propose structural reforms to Section 230–to mandate political neutrality and ban any content moderation not required by law, respectively. In contrast, Rep. Case’s Protecting Local Authority and Neighborhoods Act (the PLAN Act, HR 4232), like FOSTA, proposes a new victim-specific exception to Section 230. We expected victims’ advocacy groups would request Section 230 exceptions in FOSTA’s wake, but the identity of the “victims” here is startling. FOSTA sought to benefit sex trafficking victims (though FOSTA almost certainly didn’t do that). With the PLAN Act, the victims seeking Section 230(c)(1) relief are…landlords and hotel chains???

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