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Influencers and Section 230

Section 230 Allows Platforms To Promote Your Content Freely, While Responsibly And Transparently Moderating Content.

You’re empowered to develop and elevate your brand and your followers. Today, more people have the opportunity to share their stories, teach their skills, and promote their brand — and get paid for it.

Since 1996, anyone with a knack for the internet and an imagination has been able to build an online forum for their news and views. Section 230 clarifies that when websites can be held liable for third-party content, content moderation guidelines to protect both free expression and online safety can thrive. Section 230 empowers platforms and app developers to moderate, filter, restrict, and/or remove user-created content without the fear of crushing legal liability.

Recently, U.S. policymakers have considered changes to the law that would have a significant impact on all user content. Learn more about how these policy proposals could harm your brand and business here.