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Apps, Online Businesses, and Section 230

Section 230 is a law that allows online services—like websites and apps—to provide people with easy access to information, promote free expression, and responsibly manage harmful content.

People enjoy many online services like mobile and desktop applications, games, and marketplaces. Thanks to Section 230, it’s easier for small and medium web-based developers to innovate and create new games and apps.

Without Section 230, developers of these online services would face immense difficulties launching new games and apps. App stores and other online marketplaces that host these online services would face increased legal risks for allowing new, unverified apps and services. With significant hurdles and a burdensome verification process, it will become difficult for web-based developers to update existing apps, games, and services and even more challenging to launch new services.

Recently, US policymakers have considered changes to Section 230 that could alter how everyone interacts online and have unintended, harmful consequences for online businesses, including apps, games, and online businesses and other start-ups. Learn more about these policy proposals and the potential risks.