Developers and Section 230

Section 230 incentivizes platforms to provide access to information and promote free expression, while responsibly moderating content.

In turn, startup and developer communities thrive. Today, more people have the opportunity to create content, start a business online, and have a voice than ever before.

Since 1996, developers of all kinds have built their businesses on the foundation of Section 230. Section 230 clarifies when online platforms can be held liable for third-party content and creates the legal certainty necessary for platforms to take swift action against harmful content of all types. Crucially, Section 230 empowers platforms and app developers to moderate, filter, restrict, and/or remove user-created content without the fear of crushing legal liability.

Recently, U.S. policymakers have considered changes to the law that would have a significant impact on all online businesses, including developers and users. Learn more about these policy proposals and the potential risks.